Key Challenges of Singapore PR Application

Slim Possibility
of Approval

After the immigration policy review in 2009, ICA tightened the application criteria for Singapore Citizenship and PR to maintain the population. With approvals cutting down by almost 70% every year, how will you convince ICA controller to favour your application over thousands of other applicants?

No Precise &
Proper Guidelines

The document requirements by ICA are pretty general and seems easy. However, despite putting all your time and effort fulfilling the due diligence, your application never seems to go through. Well, what could be the issue here? What does ICA really want?

Complicated Work
& Process

Applying for Singapore PR entails a great deal of patience, time and effort. There are documents and informations that needs to be prepared and compiled accurately. It is simple to search for procedures to apply for Singapore PR on the internet, however the entire process is way more complicated and exhausting than you think. If it’s so simple, everyone would have gotten their PR approved.

Why Work With Us

How Do We Improve Your Success Rate


Professional Advice by our Immigration Experts

At Singapore Immigration Partners, we don’t rely on marketing and advertising publicity stunts like 96% or 98% success rate to get clients drawn to us. Instead we endeavour and strive to build significant trust and confidence in our clients with our unparalleled bespoke professional services.

We believe real business and partnership is build with the pillars of experience and integrity. We will guide you towards a clear understanding of ICA’s vetting process through consultations and hold your hand to the path of a higher approval success of your Singapore PR application.


e-PR System

At Singapore Immigration Partners, we will advise you the latest steps that you will need to get yourself prepared for ICA’s new implementation of PR submission - e-PR System.


ICA Guidelines & Considering factors

ICA takes into account factors such as Individual’s Family ties to Singapore, Family Profile, Social & Economic Contributions, Qualifications and Age to assess the applicant’s ability to integrate into our society and as well as his or her commitment to sink their roots here.

At Singapore Immigration Partners, we work along this framework and fine tune your profile according to the needs of Singapore Immigration Policy.


Key Additional Documents

There are a lot of applicants with better profile, higher salary or much younger than you. The key is to stand out and convince ICA to approve your application over others. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we will assist & guide you through the entire process of preparing additional documents to make your application notable.


Customized Cover Letter

As there is no interview session for Singapore PR application, the ICA controller will assess your application based on the documents that you submit. However, it may be insufficient as there are a huge number of diverse applicants applying for PR with you. At Singapore Immigration Partners, we will tailor make your immigration cover letter to explain on how you can contribute to Singapore with your unique strengths, cultural awareness, ability to assimilate into Singapore's multi-cultural and multi-linguistic society during your stay here.

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